helping you on your EXERCISE AND REHAB journey

These sessions are a fantastic way to assist with your rehab and exercise journey. The direct supervision they provide can help get you underway until you feel ready to exercise independently.

We offer 1:1 or small group sessions.

Exercise & rehab sessions provide individual coaching. Each person does their own program individually or in a small group of no more than three people.

They are supervised by either a Physiotherapist or Exercise Scientist.

1:1 Exercise or Rehab Session

Both Physiotherapist and Exercise Scientist led sessions.

  • Rehab & Exercise Session (Physiotherapist)
  • Exercise & Fitness Session (Exercise Scientist)

These offer 1:1 direct supervision and coaching.

They are ideal to get you started with your program. It allows you and the therapist to make changes to your program and help with technique.

Small Group Exercise & Rehab

What a great way to get you underway with your rehab and exercise journey.

Both Physiotherapist and Exercise Scientist led sessions.

The classes:

  • Up to 3 people per session
  • Supervised by a Physiotherapist or Exercise Scientist
  • 45 mins duration
  • Individualised exercise or rehab program.

Please call the clinic to find out when these sessions are available.


Larger classes are a way for you to continue on your health journey in a supervised, safe and fun environment. 

Classes we offer:

  • Run Strength
  • Mat Strength (whole body strength & flexibility)
  • Hip and Knee OA
  • Athlete’s Knee Class

Keeping you healthy and active

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