The classes we offer are an extension of our service. You can continue on your health journey in a supervised, safe and fun environment. 

We aim to educate and inform each participant so they can exercise with confidence and independence. 

The beauty of classes is that they can help you achieve your health goals whilst also being affordable.

Run Strength

Run Strength is targeted specifically to runners. It has been shown in research that strength assists many aspects of running. One the added benefits of this class is that you are with like minded people.

We love answering any questions you may have about why strength work is important in runners!


Mat Strength & Flexbility

This a strength class suitable for everyone. The mat class is a floor based class that involves stretching and resistance exercises. We use various equipment such as weights, mini-bands and resistance bands.

We target each exercise to your ability. If you want to be challenged – we make it challenging. If you want it to be lighter – we can make it lighter. 

A mixture of strength, flexibility and fun  – whilst also being affordable.

Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis Class

Strength exercise has shown to be very beneficial in managing symptoms related to hip and knee osteoarthritis.

Don’t let the words ‘strength exercise’ put you off. This class offers exercises for all different levels of strength and fitness. The biggest aim is to make you more functional and home and in your life, with less pain. Goals such as being able to walk for leisure, going up and down stairs or improving balance are all relevant to this class.

8 week program in our gym facilities.

ACL Club

We work with multiple local sporting clubs and as a result we unfortunately see a number of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repairs of the knee.

This class is individualised to where you are along your rehab pathway. The ACL Club is a supportive way to carry out your rehab.

We always mix in a bit of cardio so that you can get your heart rate up and to learn that there are still a lot of things you CAN DO whilst in rehab!

For more details please contact the clinic and one of our Physio’s will speak to you.

Keeping you healthy and active

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