University qualified specialized Exercise Scientist

Suitable for general exercise, rehabilitation, and maintenance as well as more specific athlete development and performance optimization.

1:1 Coaching

Coaching for both fitness, maintenance and performance
Programming and supervising 1:1 sessions in the fully equipped EFM gym

Small Group Sessions (1:3)

Individual tailored programs in a group setting (3 people max) in the fully equipped EFM gym provide a personalized and more cost effective way to reach your fitness &performance goals.

Running Strength Class (1:6)

Strength class tailored to runners. Aimed at reducing injury risk as well as improving performance.
(link to running strength brochure??)

Unsupervised Exercise Program

An exercise program (4-6 weeks duration) prescribed by an Exercise Scientist whichis to be carried out at home or in a gym by yourself. This service is great for athletes wanting a specific strength & conditioning program or individuals who would like to carry out their exercises in their own gym. Check out the brochure for further details.