An Exercise Scientist has a university qualification in Exercise Science.

This ensures that you are supported by a highly qualified professional. This helps to make your exercise effective and safe.

Our Exercise Scientist services offer various modes of exercise – 1:1 sessions, small groups or larger classes.

Take a look at the various services they offer to see if any might be suitable to you.

1:1 Exercise & Rehab Session

These offer 1:1 direct supervision and coaching.

They are ideal to get you started with your program. It allows you and the therapist to make changes to your program and help with technique.

These sessions can be supervised by both a Physiotherapy or Exercise Scientist.

Small Group Exercise & Rehab

A great way to get you underway with your rehab and exercise journey.

The classes:

  • Up to 3 people per session
  • Supervised by a Physiotherapist or Exercise Scientist
  • 45 mins duration
  • Individualised exercise or rehab program.

Please call the clinic to find out when these sessions are available.



    Larger classes are a way for you to continue on your health journey in a supervised, safe and fun environment. 

    Classes we offer:

    • Run Strength
    • Mat Strength
    • Hip and Knee OA
    • ACL Club

    Online Program & Support

    Who this is suitable to:

    • Anyone wanting a targeted and specific program that they can do in their own time but who don’t require direct supervision.
    • Anyone still wanting some contact to discuss any issues, progressions, regressions.
    • This type of program is great for maintaining motivtion to do your exercise program and get results!

    What this includes:

      • Planning exercise program (4-6 weeks in duration).
      • Assessment (either in the clinic or via telehealth).
      • Program accessible to you online
      • Weekly conversation via Telehealth to discuss issues.

      Keeping you healthy and active

      Contact us for more information