Acupuncture is a very elegant way of restoring flow to the body/mind/spirit triad.

It consists of inserting very fine, single use, stainless steal needles into specific points on the body that correspond with channels of energy called meridians. These specific points are like keyholes that when accessed, can open doors within the body and bring you back to a sense of wellness.

The basic premise is to restore flow to the meridians, ridding the body of stagnations that cause a build up of fluids or tissue. Some points may need clearing, others may need filling up, the goal is to even out the flow of qi (like water in a river) so it can be the most useful to every part of your ecosystem.

If you are more of an allopathic minded person, there are many current and available studies that have sought to determine how this works.

By doing a simple google search you will find some great theories, many of them proven and quite interesting.

Our Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine practitioner is Bernie Noonan. You can book to see Bernie at our Noarlunga Centre clinic.